Portrait work in progress

Photos shot at Szalay’s farm in Peninsula


Field trip blog post #2

This photo immediately made me extremely uncomfortable and I think that’s why I liked it. I want to say I know what she is trying to portray, the daughter becoming into her teens ( I’m guessing because she is wearing a plain tank top with short shorts) and the mother not wanting to let go of her. The daughter doesn’t appear irritated, but more kind of just blank like she doesn’t care what is going on. Yet, she is holding onto her mother’s arm wrapped around her so she obviously has some strong feeling towards her. The background doesn’t really do much for me, I didn’t pay much attention to it because the two women were such a strong subject. I would make a guess that the tree branches make a case that she is growing up and moving outward, but that sounds so cliche and I just gagged. Overall I really enjoyed the photo because of its strong emotion and ability to make me feel uncomfortable.

Field trip blog post #1

This photo seems to have so much mood and tension that it drew me in immediately. The composition of the soft couch, clean floor, white door, and grayish wall contradict the facial expressions. The girl seems to look uncomfortable with her legs, and staring straight forward. The mother looks upset or disappointed and awkwardly glaring at her from behind, appearing that the daughter almost knows she’s looking at her. The lighting coming in from the window seems to only shine on the daughter, while the mother is appearing sort of in the darkness. Overall, I felt like I have been in this situation before and I don’t even know what was going on in this photo.